Cutlery Production Solution
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Cutlery Production Solution
Raw material selection, accuracy of the injection mold, and molding temperature control etc. greatly influence the success of production for plastic cutlery. Once dealt incorrectly, defective s such as short filling, flash, shrinkage, splay, shine and crack etc. could cause. In order to boost the level of accuracy of the molds, we invested various machining facilities in our mold making factory that include, EDM from Charmilles, CNC machining center from MAKINO, CNC lathes from MAZAK, also some three-coordinate measuring instruments from Mutitoyo etc.

An integrated cutlery production system that consists of injection molding machine, multi-cavity injection mold, take-out robot as well as automatic packing equipment is one of the most successful cases we have recently developed. Taking 16-cavity as example, 16 spoons are taken out together from the mold cavities and delivered to the packing stage by the top-entry robot. Cycle time for each process is just about 8 seconds while both speed and precision are ensured. Combing with automatic top-entry robot, and a specially designed wrap-around-bag packing stage enables continuous mass production. Besides, this system offers short production cycle, consistent automatic operation, and extremely high production efficiency and so on.

We are also able to build custom-made cutlery production system for producing whatever products, such as: spoons (flat or folding), forked spoons, forks or knives etc.