DVD Gallery
Workshop Outline
Automated Equipment Workshop
Molds & Tooling Workshop
System Tuning Workshop
Trial Production Cleanroom
Typical System Brief
Automatic Insert & Assembly System
In-Mold-Labeling (IML) System
10 oz Cup Stacking System
Packing Injection Molding Machine
IML System for 20L System
Injection Molding Machine
Dual Color Injection Molding Machine
High Speed Injection System for Cap
Double Station Gilding Plate System
IML system
IML system for 6L Oval bucket
IML system for 20L bucket
IML system for lid of 100ml yougurt cup
IML system for stack mold
IML system for 20L system
8-cavity system for ice-cream lids
1·8 hole 120g cup IML injection molding system
IML system for butter tube of fully-covered by labels
IML System of 4 Cavities Square Bucket
IML system of 100ml yogurt cup
IML system of butter tube
IML System of 5L Biscuit Bucket
IML System For 500g Milk Tea Cup
IML System For Jam box
700ML Cup IML System
Die label system -700ml cup
Folding jam box system
Thin-walled packaging
High-Speed System of 10oz Thin-Walled Contianers
Injection system for 20L bucket lids
Automated system of plastic cutlery
Cutlery Production System
Automated system for 64 cavities plastic cutlery
Automated system for 32 cavities plastic cutlery
Automated system of 16 cavities spoon
16 Hole Folding Scoop System
64 Hole Plastic Cutlery Production System
LX cover + ladle automatic ladle packing system
32 hole folding system
32 - point folding fork automatically takes out the folding molding system
64 hole knife, fork and spoon system
64 point plastic knife, fork and spoon manufacturing system (no one)
64 point plastic knife, fork and spoon manufacturing system (human)
Chinaplas 2014