Let me show you what is real system total solutions for IML
PUBLICATION DATE: 2015-04-27  ISSUE: 006
Meeting at CHINAPLAS 2015 in Guangzhou
Meeting at CHINAPLAS 2015 in Guangzhou

Acmeplas will display several systems of IML and thin-walled pruducts on CHINAPLAS 2015. Welcome to visit booth at 9.1J41.

IML system for butter tube of fully-covered by labels

Features of system:
The system is equipped with specialized injection molding machine KM260-KPS by acmeplas while automation system is our m-type automation which can be commonly used in wide range of iml products and stacking mold as well.Both the side wall and
bottom of the light butter tube will be wrapped in delicate labels. The whole system will achieve high efficiency.

Spec. of product:

Product Butter tube
Dimension L: 142mm W: 118mm H: 66mm
Cavity 2
Weight 15.8g
Cycle time 4.6s
Wall-thickness 0.45mm
Raw material PP

Super high speed IML system of 100ml yogurt cup

Features of system:

“High speed”is the strongest feature of this system which is equipped with European top brand Demag original injection molding machine Ergotech 100/475-610 Elexis and is also used c-type super high speed automation system by acmeplas. The whole cycle time of this system can be as short as 3.3 seconds to complete all actions of labeling, molding, taking-out and stacking. It can even compete with European standard.

Spec. of product

Product Yoghurt cup
Dimension H: 52mm Top diameter: 74mm
Cavity 4
Weight 5g
Wall-thickness 0.35mm
Cycle time 3.3s
Raw material PP

Fully automated system of 64 cavities folding spoon

Features of system:
Automated production is the biggest advantage for fast food packaging industry which is also what we are making now. This system
is equipped with Demag Systec 280-1450C and folding spoons are being taking out, folding, delivering, and packing by our a-type automation system. And it takes only 10s per cycle. This system can save labor cost and improve productivity by a lot and change
the condition of this industry fundamentally.

Spec. of products

Products Folding spoon
Dimension L: 120mm Folded Length: 65mm
Cavity 64
Weight 1.85g
Cycle time 10s
Raw material PP

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