One-stop Service
acmeplas possesses "Full-functioned Factory" and provides "One-stop Service".
As a professional and well-established System Total Solutions Provider, owing to its internal R&D and technical support as well as manufacturing team that has long and rich experience in automation applications and system integration, acmeplas  is able to provide the following services according to customer’s requirements:
Internal R&D and Manufacture
Thanks to years of experience in design, manufacture and technical support, we are able to design and build a perfect automated production system to meet your specific job requirements. acmeplas  offers second-to-none『Valet Production Service』 to allow our customers putting their products into formal production at our place temporarily, so that they can anticipate their new products outperform others in the most competitive market.
Multi-professional Technical Support
acmeplas  cumulates R&D, design, manufacture and technical support as well as sales service all technical resources together, and devoted in providing fully Integrated Systems for the application in particularly related to in-mold-labeling, thin-walled and insert molding, also some custom-made automation system. We are able to provide perfect turn-key system to meet your specific product and job requirements.
Experience in Automation Applications
Owing to our practical experience in automation applications cumulated over the years, acmeplas  devoted in the design and manufacture as well as integration of standardized and custom-made automation systems. Till present, we have successfully developed such as: take-out and stack robot, automatic insert equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic assembly equipment, and automatic arraying equipment etc.e job-site training, therefore take shaping a complete technical transference.
Professional System Sales Team
We possess a professional system sales team specialized in providing technical consultation to customers, and is keen to work closely with them to find the best System Total Solution to meet their specific job requirements. Additionally, we also offer all-round sale service all the way down.
All-round After-sales Service
acmeplas  has a strong and long experienced technical team, in addition to provide design and manufacture services according to customer’s specific requirements, we also look after our customers with lifetime technical support service all the way through. We aim to work closely with our customers to find the best solutions for automation and system integration.