In-Mold-Labeling Solution
acmeplas provides “System Total Solutions” and “Automation Solutions”.
A fully integrated IML system is composed of injection molding machine, mold and tooling, robot, auxiliary equipments, labels, and raw materials etc. It is obvious that the compatibility of each element is the wisdom instead of simple integration. In general, there will exist problems such as long project evaluation period, high investment, technical difficulty in synchronizing each items, duty assignment of after-sales-service, and expensive as well as time-consuming for operators technical training.

Having powerful R&D competence and mature technical knowledge of the in-mold-labeling system, we have absolute ability to handle every new project. In the aspect of mold, we can design and make the customized molds in any shapes, such as: flat, wrap-around, cross, u-shaped etc., however, according to your requirements

Our self-developed double-stack mold can handle multi-cavity moldings. For example, our 4+4 cavities, its molding cycle time can be as short as 6.5 seconds under fully automatic operation mode, yet stable productivity, high yield rate and perfect quality of moldings can be guaranteed every cycle. Foot-print of the system equipment can therefore be much smaller in size, which obviously helps to save production floor space, increase productivity, save labor costs and also promote your price competitiveness.