The acmeplas fully automated mass production system solution achieved two major new milestones

Acmeplas achieved two new milestones in mass production of in-mold labelling products and thin-walled injection containers. Acmeplas IML inlay label and thin-walled injection molding technology will debut at the Jakarta international convention and exhibition center in Indonesia.

Acmeplas (booth: a-2502) showcases its milestone two new processes at the Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia, nov 14-17, 2018.

The product is made by injection molding with inner label technology. As well as thin-walled injection molding process, its system is equipped with high precision and high speed equipment to realize ultra-short operation cycle, which will be two highlights of acmeplas' exhibition in Indonesia this year.


1x4 hole 100ml cup automatically takes out the stacking system


One injection molding, the same side of the mold produced at the same time. After the high temperature and high pressure in the mold, the special adhesive on the mold label is melted, and the surface of the cup body or injection parts is melted into one. When the mold is opened, a beautifully printed product is completed at one time. As a one-stop service provider for complete system integration solutions, acmeplas alone provides integrated, fully automated solutions for the entire injection molding process from design to assembly to debugging to functionalization. The fully automatic one-time injection molding process has made significant progress in meeting the low cost and high quality requirements required by the food industry. Although this new process is in recent years, but has been highly recognized by the industry, and led the new packaging trend, there will be more and more IML injection molding products in the market.


The 1x8 hole coffee cover automatically takes out the stack packing system


To get the shortest molding cycle, acmeplas USES the most advanced technology and can complete eight products in just 4.6s. Thin-walled injection molding requires higher pressure and speed, shorter cooling time, changing ejection and gate alignment. The change of processing technology promotes the development of mold, machine and manufacture design at the same time. In - mold material flow rate is one of the key factors of successful thin - walled injection molding. Rapid mold filling and high pressure can inject the molten thermoplastic material into the mold cavity at high speed to prevent cold fixation of the gate.As the wall thickness decreases, the ordinary injection molding machine cannot produce the product more precisely. However, the perfect combination of acmeplas system configuration and Demag280T SP injection molding machine makes the performance of this injection molding system greatly exceed that of common injection molding equipment. Its design further broadens the plasticity of the standard thin-walled container.

Acmeplas is a one-stop service provider for integrated system solutions. Acmeplas can bring more technical support and quality improvement to customers, including product development and design, mold design, professional technology development, process adjustment and technical innovation of automatic manipulator and auxiliary equipment. For the price-sensitive packaging industry, with years of experience in injection molding manufacturing and production automation, acmeplas has a key success factor for creating more efficient and sophisticated production processes.