YF-snack box
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High quality molds not only ensure the quality of injection products, but also acmeplas to provide customers with an important basis for system solutions.

We apply the in-mold labeling technology to the dining box, and develop a new anti-theft meal box, providing customized and exclusive personality design to meet different needs of customers. 5. Protect food safety.

anti-theft function - to ensure the safety of food

- security card button

- human touch

- internal labeling (customizable)

material environmental protection - to ensure the safety of food

-food-grade PP

- resistance to acid and alkali

- no odor

process precision and guarantee food safety

- precision injection molding

- cover fastening

- resilient to pressure and fall

authoritative testing - to ensure the safety of food

- can be heat resistance: - 18 ~ 120 can be frozen/microwave heating

- has passed GB 4806.7-2016 food safety national standard

GB/T18006.1-2009 plastic disposable tableware technology

patent protection and guarantee food safety

- invention patent: 201810510664.0

- utility model: 201820784831.6

- design: 201830178797.3

Mould technology has a very direct and important influence on the quality and cost benefit of the finished products. The most important thing is the rich experience of mold structure design and application.

Acmeplas can independently design, develop and manufacture a variety of IML molds. After years of technical experience, acmeplas has independently developed a variety of high precision IML molds.