Intelligent manufacturing system of plastic knife, fork and spoon -PET folding spoon
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The packaging system mainly produces plastic packaging products, such as PET folding spoon.
The new system can meet the production standards of different customers and customize different
products to the greatest extent.
System composition
Demag 100T injection molding machine, acme-ha3 manipulator, acme-heb sealing machine,
acme-mecf mould. The cycle is about 13s.
System advantage
· Demag 100T injection molding machine is equipped with 8-hole PET folding spoon mould
   customized by ke Ming. The injection molding process is stable and accurate
· the triaxial manipulator has a smooth appearance design, compact and rigorous structure,
   and is equipped with a special control system and imported linear slide rail.
Make the folding fork from take out, fold to put to run high speed, smooth
· automatic plastic packaging baling press with independent packaging and folding spoon to
   make the products more clean and sanitary