Intelligent manufacturing system of plastic knife, fork and spoon - 32 folding spoon
acmeplas provides “Integrated Systems” and “Automated Equipment”.
  • PLA & plastic knife fork spoon intelligent production system - folding spoon
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1X32 cavities folding spoon fold and take-out system,9.5s circle time。
System composition
•KM320-KPS IMM                                             •32 cavity folding spoon high precise mold
•high speed top entry take-out robot                  •auto-folding unit
•auto wrapping machine
System advantage
•KM320-KPS new type IMM go with special made 32 cavities folding spoon mold,
  comes to smooth production process and accurate position,with high yield rate,
  highly promoted production efficiency.
•ACME-HA three axis robot with smooth appearance design and exquisite precise structure,
 match with special control system and imported linear slide rail,
 linked folding spoon movements from taking-out,folding,convey and into-box smoothly and efficiently,
 help customer save massive time cost·
•Folding spoon from material injection to encasement without human hands touch makes the product
 more clean and sanitary.