Who says three-tier co-betting is out of reach? acmeplas has been easily resolved!

With the emergence of new polymer materials and the continuous improvement of the performance requirements for polymer extrusion products in the market, single-layer products often have limitations and cannot meet the needs of the products. Therefore, three-layer co-injection products have emerged as the times require. Three-layer co-injection product has gradually become the new favorite of packaging market, and the production equipment of this kind of product has also become the hot spot of market development. Three-layer co-injection: EVOH (ethylene / vinyl alcohol copolymer) is injected into the interlayer after cooling with PP/LDPE/PET, and then EVOH (ethylene / vinyl alcohol copolymer) is injected into the interlayer at the cooling time. Finally, PP/LDPE/PET. is added to the interlayer. But the concept is one thing, the ability to produce finished products is another; there are many well-known companies that have studied the technology, but have not been able to solve the problem of mass production. With this tip, you will find that there are many three-tier co-extrusion products on the market, including plastic beer bottles, jam bottles, beverage bottles, tomato sauce bottles, fruit and vegetable cans, jam bottles, milk bottles, and so on. However, there is no experience in packaging products and projects related to three-layer co-injection hard plastic packaging, not to mention the combination of EVOH and three-layer co-injection.


Because of the instability of EVOH material and the great decrease of barrier performance in high humidity environment (above 50%RH), how to keep the barrier property of EVOH in high humidity environment and how to produce EVOH products efficiently is another high-tech problem, and how to produce EVOH products more efficiently is another high-tech problem because of the instability of EVOH material and the great decrease of barrier performance in high humidity environment (above EVOH).

The acmeplas R & D team takes "to be the best system in the world" as its own mission, using technology precipitation for many years, from the system reform design, mold design, hot runner design, raw material selection, formula optimization, process debugging and other aspects, through the second mold test. To overcome many technical difficulties and successfully create PP EVOH PP, a milestone three-layer co-injection technology, is another major technological breakthrough after the successful development of a high barrier filling milk tea cup in 2018. Acmeplas three-layer co-injection system is 3-step injection molding, the material is tight without medium bonding. It not only avoids the degradation of product barrier performance due to high humidity environment, but also solves the problem of bad product caused by separate extrusion. However, acmeplas not only stops here, in order to achieve the super-long shelf life of special food, at the same time, the aluminum foil standard IML barrier technology is used at the same time, Cycle is close to the normal IML production cycle, although there is still room for optimization. But it also indicates that the feasibility of mass production is higher!

Acmeplas dares to challenge the state-of-the-art technology from "0" to "1" in the same industry, which is inseparable from the background culture of the Koming Group. Koming people always insist on independent R & D and design as the foundation of their own business, stand out in the market by virtue of independent innovation technology, and win the market with high-quality independent high-tech products. And continuously improve the quality and technical content of products, continue to become the domestic injection molding industry leader.