When the lights go out, are you ready?

With the gradual transformation of China's manufacturing industry, the equipment in the factory has become more and more advanced, and the degree of automation has also become higher and higher. The factory has begun to transform to automation, and robots have started to compete for jobs with us!

Then, some questions about the safety or reliability of automation gradually become the focus of the industry, this issue, small series with acmeplas yogurt cup system as an example, to pick with you to pick this safety topic.

Safety is the precondition of production, without which production cannot be carried out. The design team of acmeplas took this into consideration from the very beginning. Not only in the mold area safety device for the system in different institutions, mechanical limit, limit, stop button, leakage protection, limit protection, trip protection, signal and docking, impact protection, optical testing, materials detection, automatic alarm device, as well as the safety door to prevent the body into a mold or mechanical damage areas of basic protective measures, and in every production link add action does not reach the designated position signal receiver, once an action before have deviation, the system will automatically alarm processing.

Central feeding, injection molding machine, mold, with automatic intelligent manipulator, from the product processing to the finished product every link is excellence, each link in the premise of safety adaptation to improve production efficiency, so that the product to achieve perfect.  

Acmeplas independently developed and launched the latest generation of automatic camera detection machine, automatic detection and identification of defective products, and the first time online eliminate, put an end to human contact, improve food safety.

Automatic sealing device, orderly stacking counting, positioning and grasping sensing linkage, high efficiency, stable, safe and reliable.

The whole system in addition to the timing and quantitative labeling paper, without additional manual intervention, system safety, product safety, artificial safety, product safety and maintenance safety have taken an important step in unmanned production!

The automatic safety of acmeplas has reached the level of "lights-out production", which not only further enhances the degree of factory automation, but more importantly achieves seamless connection of production, intelligent production chain interconnection, transparent and visual process. What it can bring is not only the labor saving caused by automation, but also the improvement of manufacturing technology and quality control, the optimization of manufacturing demand, even the reduction of energy consumption, as well as the improvement of information and production safety.

Technological change will take some low-end and tedious jobs, and eventually create more high-end and humanized jobs. Upgrading and transformation is an inevitable trend. Are you, are you ready?