Acmeplas unmanned production workshop

In recent years, in order to speed up the development of food industry, increase the strength of technological innovation and factory unmanned production management and other heating up, food packaging machinery industry towards automation, multi-functional and intelligent control of the direction of development.

With the advent of winter, many industries also into the production season. Entrepreneurs want their factories to run 24 hours a day to maximize profits. Some traditional factories have already achieved this, but the three-shift work day has forced entrepreneurs to consider high Labour costs.

"Unmanned operation" has become a general trend. Nowadays, more and more enterprises are trying to build "unmanned workshop" and "unmanned factory".

With the gradual transformation of China's manufacturing industry, the equipment in factories is becoming more advanced and the degree of automation is becoming higher and higher. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is deepening, which is changing our lives in a way of "moistening things silently", and also fills the future of acmeplas with opportunities and challenges -- a revolution from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

Acmeplas continuously embodies "unmanned factory" at the level of intelligent manufacturing, Internet of everything and factory with advanced automation production technology. From traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, we make full use of the big data generated in the manufacturing process to analyze, record and coordinate all automation equipment in the factory. Direct interconnection and intercommunication between equipment and equipment will enable the whole manufacturing cycle of the product to proceed smoothly in the preset, so as to realize unmanned production, which is the so-called "light off production". Because of 21 years of accumulation and precipitation, this step is relatively easy for us.

Acmeplas factory equipment communicates with each other. We can imagine that a large factory has thousands of objects and dozens of machines, which communicate with each other and transmit information to each other. In the past, traditional automation and traditional robot production were all controlled by human beings and machines, but now it can be the interface of object to object or the interface of self-networking between machines, and acmeplas enters into unmanned production from the Internet.

The realization of acmeplas lights off production not only symbolizes the further improvement of factory automation, but also can bring about many improvements.

Acmeplas lights-off production can be said to be a comprehensive demonstration of the fourth industrial revolution, so its significance goes far beyond this. Turning off the light production not only covers the high requirements of automation in the production process, but also challenges the connection of upstream and downstream automation in the production process. Therefore, it is not only the factory that needs to upgrade the production of lights, but also the revolutionary optimization and improvement of the information interconnection and end-to-end intelligent management of the entire supply chain.

"Unmanned" is just like a butterfly storm, which will cause huge changes from lifestyle to employment and then to economic transformation. It is the inevitable development of global manufacturing industry.

Acmeplas' factory has been able to turn off the lights for production and is further leading the trend of unmanned factories.