The amazing lid comes from the intelligent two-color lid system

With the continuous improvement of enterprise automation and intelligent production, great changes are taking place in all walks of life.

As a labor-intensive industry, such automatic and intelligent operation can improve the production efficiency of equipment and ensure the stable and unified product quality.

In order to produce an economical, high quality and high appearance coffee cover for the tea industry. Acmeplas continues to break through multicolor product processes in search of an automated production solution. This time, a high-speed thin-walled intelligent two-color cover system is specially introduced.

Acmeplas USES acmeplas 2600kps injection molding machine to configure acmeplas AH manipulator, acme-ho sampling device and acme-hea type baling machine for automatic production, which requires extremely rapid and precise production and automatic packaging.

High speed thin-walled container technology, with 1 die, 2 shots, 1 body molding. It only takes 7.5s to produce four bicolor coffee LIDS. "the high yield of this system and the high appearance of the product enable us to double production at the same time, save energy consumption and personnel cost, reduce cost and improve price competitiveness, and at the same time gain favor from customers." "" in addition, the whole set of equipment is more stable than the two separate sets. The product then goes to the packaging station and no longer has to be resold. Full manual operation.

Automatic production of acmeplas high-speed thin wall intelligent two-color cover system

Mold injection molding mold, the mechanical arm into the mold, take out the finished products

Place the coffee lid on the fixture

The robot takes out the coffee lid

The robot hand places the coffee lid on the automatic packaging machine

Plastic packaging

The product packing

Acmeplas bicolor coffee lid,

Food grade pp material,

Environmentally friendly material, smooth edges, beautiful and safer,

Precision injection molding, strong sealing, anti - splash and anti - splash,

No dielectric bonding, no 2 times of color spraying

No manual operation during the whole process to avoid secondary pollution,

Real realization of artificial intelligence manufacturing.